Magento 2 Cart Rule Free Shipping For Specific Products

Hello Friends,

Today we will discuss cart rule how we can apply free shipping for specific products by selecting free shipping attribute.

First we need to create attribute on free shipping with yes/no option.

Use for Promo Rule Conditions to yes.

As a second step, we wil assign that attribute to specific attribute set which we are currently using in products.

After drag and drop click on save. attribute is ready to use.

Third step we will apply in product. select attribute to yes for free shipping

Now on forth step is the main part to create cart rule for apply free shipping on specific product.

Go to Marketing > Cart Price Rules > Add New

Rule Name :- Free Shipping
Websites :- Select website where want to use
Customer Groups :- which customer group will use this rule

Now Go to Actions section.

Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions (leave blank for all items). 

Apply rule as given below screen shot.

Save rule and now rule is ready to use for specific products.

Clear cache and add new product.

That's it...!!! Have A Nice Day...!!!

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